Friday 5 October 2012

Australian public health experts discuss HIV and TB on new online news channel

MSF.TV panel participants (L-R): Bill Bowtell (AO), Dr Suman
Majumdar, James Gilling, and Assoc. Prof Daniel O'Brien
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has  announced the launch of  MSF.TV, Australia's first online humanitarian news channel.

The channel  will include updates, news items, interviews, documentaries and live debates that explore medical and humanitarian issues relating to the work of MSF.

During its first week of programming, MSF.TV features a panel of four Australian HIV and TB experts debating the question : “How can we ensure that all TB and HIV patients have access to life-saving medicine?”

The 30-minute debate, hosted by Julie McCrossin, features:
  • Mr Bill Bowtell (AO), Executive Director, Pacific Friends of the Global Fund and key architect of Australia's HIV response
  • Dr Suman Majumdar, Médecins Sans Frontières field doctor; and  
  • Associate Professor Daniel O'Brien, Infectious Diseases Specialist and Internal Medicine Consultant, Médecins Sans Frontières /Barwon Health
The debate touches on a range of issues including: the epidemiology of the global  HIV and TB pandemics and the links between them;  treatments access; funding issues; models of care; current actions;  key challenges and future priorities.

You can view the debate, alongside other MSF.TV programming  here

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