Friday 30 October 2015

HIV video fest

Mini film festivals were a key part of the Community and Advocacy Hubs hosted by AFAO at ASHM’s last two national HIV conferences, and also at AIDS 2014. 

This year, once again, we had an awesome selection of videos from our members and other HIV sector partners, with the videos running on a continuous loop between Hub presentations.

Here’s a selection from the program. There were so many that we can’t share them all, so make sure you click through to the organisations’ channels for more.

Friday 16 October 2015

Raise your voice against stigma and homophobia

Speaking out against prejudice is a vital step towards changing community attitudes that stigmatise people with HIV and people who are at greater risk of contracting HIV.
When people raise their voices against stigma, it makes it easier for people who have HIV, who are gay, who use drugs, or are sex workers, to access the information, prevention tools, and treatments and care that they need to stay safe and well. Faith leaders play a critical role in the response to HIV through model compassion and supporting evidence-based approaches to HIV prevention and care.

Thursday 15 October 2015

AFAO Hub buzzes at ASHM 2015

The AFAO Community and Advocacy Hub was an exciting and stimulating focal point of the national HIV (ASHM) Conference in Brisbane over 17 and 18 September. 

Hundreds of conference delegates enjoyed a wide range of presentations, Q & A sessions and film screenings.

AFAO's Michael Frommer reports back.